Border Rug – Progress 8

It’s been a while since I showed the rug to you. I’ve been packing things away and cleaning up the needlepoint room. But I have now completed the 3rd band on the rug.


After I finished stitching the first motif, I was unsure of the colors. When I stitched the second repeat of the motif, I switched two of the colors. Still not sure of the colors. That’s where I was when I stopped stitching to pack away my stash and calm things down a little. Going back to the rug last week, I decided that I would keep both versions that I had stitched and alternate them across the row. The solid colored square between them is Nobuko stitch, so it worked up quickly. Here is the band all stitched up.


Before I start on the next band, I have something else I need to do. I’ve been working on this using 24″ and 20″ stretcher bars. Since the project is getting longer now, it will soon become more difficult to reach the areas to be stitched. So it’s time to get out the longer stretcher bars – 34″. With the rug canvas mounted on 24″ X 34″ stretcher bars, I can turn it around and work along the longer sides and get half of each band completed and then turn the rug around and stitch the other half. It’s easier on my arms and shoulders this way. So I’ll do that over the next day or two.

Then I need to work on the next band. I’m doing the practice stitching just one band at a time. So when I have the stitches figured out and the spacing across the row done, I’ll start the next row. I’m going back to posting this every two weeks, so I should have at least half of the next band done by the next post.



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