Gossamer Fractal Cross Stitch – Progress 8

Along with cutting down on projects, I still need to get some WIPs done. So I got out the fractal to see if I could get it completed this year. This is where I was the last time I showed it to you – February of last year.


And this is where it is today – with the top of the piece completed!

Gossamer-8I still don’t like the brown and white lines on the right – just before the large section of dark browns. I keep thinking I should tear out part of it and redo it so it looks better. We’ll see. I’ve started the next section of the middle of the design. By the time I show this to you again, I’ll have part of the off-white ring that goes around the center of the design done. It’s going very slowly since this is a section that has no more than 3-4 stitches of any one color together. Lots of colors that have just 1 or 2 stitches in the square. But I’m working on it two mornings a week and am determined to get it finished.



4 responses to “Gossamer Fractal Cross Stitch – Progress 8

  1. Hi Jan, do you pre-thread needles with the thread colors you need for an area of stitching? When you are done wi the 3-4 stitches of one color, do you end off the thread (I.e., cut it), or do you anchor the needle to pick it up again if the next time you need it is fairly close by? I’m curious because the Audrey Hepburn I’m stitching uses multiple colors in small areas too, though the groupings of stitches are more like 10-15 stitches per color and not 3-4.

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