Do you use rayon thread?

I’ve used Marlitt from Anchor a few times and didn’t like it. I’ve done some things with DMC Satin floss and have learned how to tame it and love the shine. And now I’ve been introduced to a new rayon thread called El Molino (also called Zirayon) from Presencia in Spain.

I ordered some threads I needed from Michelle at Come to the Point in San Rafael. It’s my closest LNS at 40 miles from home. She got the threads together and sent them off, then sent me an email to let me know they were on the way. She also said that she included a spool of El Molino for me to try.

I was surprised when I opened the box. It’s a large spool, about 4 inches long, and contains 118 yards for just $1.50 (they are on sale)! It’s not stranded like the others I’ve used – it’s like a perle. Yes, it will fray at the ends so I will be using short lengths. I’ve done some practice stitching to see how things go and found that it works better on slanted stitches on 18 ct, rather than straight stitches.  I do like it and wanted to get more. Michelle sent me a spreadsheet with the colors she had on hand and I picked out some. Then told her to hold the package because I wanted to see the colors in person. I drove down last week and came home with over 20 of them. The shine is wonderful and I’m thinking Christmas ornaments right now for using some of them. The bright red you see says “Color No Solido” which means that it is not colorfast, but there is another red as well. The photo below doesn’t show all of the colors I got or the whole line.

El Molino

The open spool on the right is the one she sent me – my favorite color, teal. Michelle is selling some of her threads on sale – trying to switch to only natural fibers in her shop. So if you are interested in trying a heavier, beautiful rayon thread, send her an email or give her a call. Her website is :  and her email is:  When you go to her website, you can also sign up for her newsletter, so you can keep up with her monthly sales. (And she is a delight to work with!)

If you’d like to see all the colors, this page has a color chart. She is out of some colors, so you may not be able to get some of them.


7 responses to “Do you use rayon thread?

  1. Hate rayon! The only rayon thread I can tolerate is Neon Rays. Well, most of the ribbon types are ok..
    How heavy is the El Marino? Does one strand cover on 18, so it would be equivalent to how many strands of DMC?

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