Blackwork Journey

Do you like blackwork? Do you use it in any of your projects? I found this website a while back and it’s just wonderful.

Elizabeth Almond has a project called “Save the Stitches” and it’s free on her website. Blackwork Journey  It’s a very large project and is being uploaded one section at a time. Here is a photo of the first page of the first file:

Save the Stitches

You can see that she only used black thread and some metallics for highlights. It would be a great reference if you don’t want to stitch the whole piece. Enjoy!


6 responses to “Blackwork Journey

  1. Yes, I love blackwork, but I can’t do it myself- I don’t have the patience and I can’t look at the patterns and see what I need to do- to me its a lovely picture with no reference to the piece of fabric I’m trying to do- I know, my mind is slightly strange!

  2. I started to stitch this, but am now weeks behind. I am still hoping to catch up! It’s a wonderful project, and Elizabeth is a truly talented designer 🙂 She is also posting a gallery in pinterest of the progress the stitchers are making – some very beautiful colour combinations being used.

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