Many thanks to cross stitchers

I’ve had quite a few comments and emails about my dilemma with Father Christmas and Cats. Thank you all for taking the time to advise me on my options.

Has anyone tried an overdye thread for these large backgrounds? I’m afraid of the striping of colors – that happens with needlepoint too. I’ve decided not to do this.

What about a colored canvas? I could stitch the rest of the design and not worry about stitching the background at all. I’m not sure I would like the look, but I’ve done small pieces without the background being stitched, so why do I have a hangup about it for a larger piece… I found a linen that is the exact color of one of the background colors, but it would cost me $57 to buy a large enough piece. I think I’ll pass on this one as well.

Several people said I could start over and use one strand of floss on 32 count even weave or linen. I like the idea and I would have to order the fabric, but this would enlarge the project quite a bit. On the 25 count, over one thread, it’s 14″ x 20″. If I do over 2 on 32 count, it would be 22″ X 31.5″. Way too big for me. On 40 count over two, it would be 17.5″ X 25″.

Currently, I have the mandala on 32 count linen, stitching over 2 threads. The sampler is 40 count linen, stitching over 2 threads. I think that’s enough linen to be working on at any one time. (I’m not counting any needlepoint projects that are also being worked on right now.)

I have another piece of Lugana the same size. I’ve played with using one strand over one thread on the margin of the current piece and it looks good. So I’m going to work on the grid this afternoon and start over on that. I’m also taking the advice of about 3 people and starting with Father Christmas himself. Then I can do a little of the background each time I work on the piece and eventually get it all done. ONE more thing I’m going to do. I’m not going to use so many colors for the background. I’m going to cut that in half, using one color for two different symbols. That should help eliminate constantly starting and ending threads.

Another person mentioned working across one row for a while so you always have an open row below where you are working. That way there would be no open little spaces to try and fill in later. I might try that too.

One more comment on all the other services available online – I love all my tech devices but I’m not into online services very much. There just isn’t enough time in the day with all my stitching, reading about 100 blogs, and reading books (not to mention occasional housework, etc.) to deal with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. I know about Needlepoint Nation, etc. but I just don’t have the time. Remember, besides all the stitching I do from other designers, I also design my own small rugs and stitch them. I’m getting old and I have a million more things I want to design and stitch. So it’s just this blog and the website (which is terribly out of date too). That and two emails keep me more than busy……

Thank you all once again! Super people everywhere……

7 responses to “Many thanks to cross stitchers

  1. Thank you Jan,

    Just a little note on the 32 cnt, I stitch over 1 not 2 which makes the piece smaller. Also I prefer and evenweave like Lugana to Linen in this case because the variation in Linen means that sometimes the coverage is not great (for most things I prefer linen).

    I hope it goes well.

  2. Another couple thoughts:
    1. With variegated thread I stitch somewhat randomly so as not to get stripes.
    2. To minimise the start and stopping of threads I don’t stitch one block at a time. To keep track of where I am I colour in the pattern as I go using a light coloured brush/fibre tipped pen (chosen so that I can still see the symbols in case I make a mistake).

  3. I have used overdyes for background with success. For your Santa I would choose one that has very subtle changes and the striping will be minimized. Especially if you work in horizontal rows. You could also just make the background solid!

  4. The only thing with overdyes is that you have to do each cross at the same time so that the overdye gradations are evident. But have used them lots and always strip my threads.
    My only puzzle is why are you gridding your fabric, I always make a copy of my pattern, remember it is just for my use, and get a highlighter. Then I find the center of my design and the center of my fabric and start from a place that works the best for me. As I do sections or even small pieces I use the highlighter to mark those spots, that way I always know where I need to go with my design.
    I love Lugana by the way nice even threads. Linen is my preference and often use silk threads because of the coverage of the individual threads.
    Much luck on this project.
    I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

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