A Quick Update

The computer is back after 5 days. Nerve-wracking, but everything is back except the photos I took the first two weeks of this month. They are on the blog so I can download them if I want. I didn’t do any design work those two weeks, so nothing lost there.

Along with the computer, we’ve been dealing with a cat health issue as well. Daisy will be 14 next month and we have to expect problems as she gets older. We discovered a large lump behind her right ear and took her to the vet, expecting a diagnosis of cancer. It seems to be a cyst of some sort. We’ll probably have it removed, but not right now. In doing a workup do discover what the lump was, we found out her thyroid is sky high. So we’re waiting for medication and a way to get it into her. She is finicky. We’ll be getting some sample treats from the vet to see what flavors she would willingly eat. Then a compounding pharmacy can put the medicine into those treats and we will hopefully have an easy solution. They can’t do the surgery until the thyroid is much, much lower. She acts fine, so it’s hard to tell exactly how she feels. So far, so good.


So we’ve been dealing with a few things over the last week. I haven’t done much of anything related to stitching, but will dive back in tomorrow and hopefully have something to show you in a few days.


3 responses to “A Quick Update

  1. When my younger sister joined the Peace Corps and moved to the Phillipenes (spelling?) I inherited her two black cats, Friday and Magic. Friday lived to be 27 or 28. You can’t keep a good cat down. My prayers to you and Daisy.

  2. I’m pleased you haven’t lost anything.

    My best to Daisy. We just took our cat, Hillary (about 3), to the vet today because she has a sore eye – she’s torn her third eyelid a little. The hard part now is squeezing ointment into the eye three times a day; the first lot ended up being flicked onto my computer screen. Might be a two person job.

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