Father Christmas and Cats – Hat Done!

It’s been three Sundays since I posted last, but the hat is finally done!

FatherC-Hat done

I really look forward to stitching on this on Sundays now! The bottom edge of the hat is kind of ragged, but that’s because his hair, etc will be starting now. The tiny light colored section on the very left is the beginning of his ear. Will have to print out more of the pattern in order to continue next Sunday. If I want to work on this at all during the week, it will be filling in the background some more. During the World Series, I worked on the background on the left side of the hat and added a section 40 stitches by 20 stitches. I’ll work on the right side now to get closer to the right side margin. (90 more stitches on the left to reach the margin and 130 stitches to the right to reach the margin)

Hope everyone else is stitching away and having a good time as well.


6 responses to “Father Christmas and Cats – Hat Done!

  1. Doesn’t finishing one discernable item in the pattern feel good?! This will be magnificent when it’s done. You are making good progress on that background.

  2. Seeing a new post on your stitching really brightens up my day! Working just doesn’t agree with me. It makes me old and crabby, and it’s broken all my nail! That’s bad for my stitching. This is such an interesting Santa with his funny little hat and pointy ear! Ha ha! Have a great day! Looking forward to your new postings!

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