Threedles 2012 Ornaments All Finished

I finally got brave and finished off these 4 little ornaments. The designer, Kurdy Biggs, put a styrofoam block wrapped in batting inside to keep the shape. I made a little box from TimTex instead. Once I got started, they moved quickly. I had already made the little boxes and the cording for the hanging.


The three for my granddaughters are 2 inches square. The little one (done on Congress Cloth) for our small tree is about one and a half inches. It’s two of the patterns for a two-sided ornament. I want to find little boxes to put them in to mail them. That way they will have a safe box to put them away each year and keep them from snagging.

While I was cutting TimTex, I got out some other projects I’ve done over the years and will get them finished to hang up around the house. AND I cut TimTex for the 3D Train Station. I’m hoping to work on getting that put together over the next week or so. Should be quite a challenge.


10 responses to “Threedles 2012 Ornaments All Finished

  1. Beautiful!! Teal is still my favorite. I’ll have to Google TinTex. I’ve never heard of that. My shingles outbreak is just about gone although the left side of my face still feels like I just came from the dentist and am waiting for the Novacaine to wear off. Merry Christmas, happy decorating and lots of happy stitching!!!

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