Father Christmas and Cats – Progress 3

This is slow going, but I’m persistent. LOL

The hat is tilted back on his head a little, so there is a lot of forehead to stitch, but I’ve completed enough that you can see the eyes a little now.


It’s wonderful to see this coming to life. I know I’ll be working more on the background over the next month, but I wanted to see if I could get the face done a bit before I returned to the background. On the right side of the design, Father Christmas is holding a steaming cup of coffee. I’ll have to stitch the ecru for the steam first and then add the rest of the background.

Happy stitching holidays to everyone!


5 responses to “Father Christmas and Cats – Progress 3

  1. Wow! Looking great! Wish I was you, due to “work”, (four letter word) all of my stitching has come to an abrupt halt. On a better note, I am now able to order the fabric for the PIG Mandala. I just now saw that abbreviating Persian Iris Garden becomes PIG. That’s all the humor I have for today! Merry Stitchin’ Christmas to you and all who follow you as you keep us posted!!

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