Needlepoint Plans for 2015

Hard to believe that 2014 will be over in a few short hours. I didn’t get as much done as I planned, but that’s okay. My major finish was completing the huge Patchwork Rug. I’m really pleased with that as the largest of my 17 finishes for the year.

For 2015, I need to complete 5 WIPs and I have several others on the list for the year as well.

1. The Border Rug – I worked over two hours this morning to finish two more bands on this rug. I would really like to finish it in January. I’ve finished the outer border along the top and will continue that on the bottom next. And I can turn the rug now so the narrow side is across the bottom and it will be easier to do the stitching. Here it is as of today:


2. The Peru Rug – forgotten over the last month. I did the diamonds in the middle and then started stitching 3 more of each stitch in 3 other places on the rug. When that’s done, I’ll do 4 new stitches and then repeat them 3 more times. I need to get back to this and get it done in January as well.


3. Grieg by Dakota Rogers – I started it and will now try to work on it at least once a week so I can get it done. No progress has been made since I first showed it to you.


4. Brenda Stofft’s Santa on a Brown Bear – I started this last year and stopped when I couldn’t get my vision of the edge of the blanket to work out. I’ll try some new things this year and get it stitched and framed before next Christmas.


5. Snowman from Lee NeedleArts – I’ve just started this, but it will be at the top of the list until it is done. I want to see it on the new tote as soon as possible. The background is done and I’ll start on the snowman next.


6. I have the design for the next rug all worked out and it will be a Basketweave project like the Baluchi that I did two years ago. I showed you the rug earlier in the year when I adapted the Persian Nain Rug center into a cross stitch and a needlepoint design (Nain Diamond). I’ll start it soon.

7. Merry Kitty Christmas by Gay Anne Rogers – I have the chart and want to finish this ornament for next Christmas.

8. Baster from Tapestry Fair. I know this has been shown on several blogs over the past year, but I have some ideas of how to stitch mine to set it apart from other versions. (I will not bead the cat!)

9. 3D Cat – artist unknown – I’ve had this canvas since 2000 and I want to stitch it this year. (Trying to stitch things from my stash only this year.) It’s purple, pink and gray and will only be about 5″ tall.

10. Continue work on Ghirardelli Square if I have time.

More might be added as the year goes on. I haven’t decided what ornaments to do for my granddaughters yet – needlepoint or cross stitch, I don’t know.

What plans do you have for 2015?


10 responses to “Needlepoint Plans for 2015

  1. You have some excellent stitching plans, Jan. I stitch on the fly, and it works for me, but projects are worked on erratically and sometimes over a number of years. I do want to cross-stitch Xmas ornaments for family. Time to dig out all the Xmas ornament issues and start marking down ideas. I do want to stitch all the Blackbird Designs Beatles-inspired charts, finish needlepointing Mr. Rooster, and at least make a dent in the Santa’s Village series. I will also try to stitch from stash, and only buy threads and beads as I need them…

  2. You’ve got some really detailed plans; that’s great.

    I’m a bit more fluid but, like you, I’m intending to stitch from stash this year. My plans are to stitch/bead 6 to 12 Christmas ornaments/bookmarks to hide in the local library for people to find next Christmas, and complete the Chicken Scratch Gingham curtains I’ve just started; I finally got the design worked out today and have started the stitching. Apart from that I’ll be mostly following my heart.

  3. Very nice progres I have a problem with the computer an do not get your Newsletter.
    I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year and lots of beautiful embroideries Marie-Claire

  4. Maybe not to finish in 2015, but some progress on the PIG? My goals, finish my sister’s Christmas present in time for her April birthday, my Blue Lanterns treasure box top, start the PIG, Mike Vickery’s Celtic September for hubby’s September birthday(surprise!?!) oh and a cross stitch cover for my 2015 weekly planner that will fit my 2016 weekly planner just in case!! Happy New Stitchers all!!

  5. I’ve never been into needlepoint, but your projects look really interesting; I will keep my eyes on those as you update 🙂

  6. I just found your blog through the WIPocalypse SAL, and I have to say, I am utterly and totally in love with your border rug – it is deliciously beautiful and I can’t stop staring at it!

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