Snowman Insert – Finale

I wanted to finish this Friday evening, but ran into problems. I had white and off-white threads all ready to go. I started Basketweaving the snowflakes over the background first. I just didn’t like it at all. I used two threads for the background and trying to do the Basketweave over them either split the threads or moved the nice, straight stitches up and down all over. So I quit while I thought about it and decided how I should proceed. Everything else was all stitched – just needed those snowflakes.

Last night I picked it up again and decided that I would have to make longer stitches and be careful how I handled the bag so I wouldn’t snag them. I used a combination of Double Crosses, Smyrna Crosses and even a Ray stitch. Most on the background section were just white. The ones on the snowman’s face and a few other places along the bottom were done with white and then the off-white (beige) threads. I feel better about how they turned out.

Snowman finale

And this was so easy to finish! Cut out the insert and attach the backing. There were two backings included with the tote so I can buy another insert canvas or design one of my own.

snowman tote

Unzip the pocket where the canvas will be inserted. Peel back the velcro strip that will hold the insert in place. Slide the canvas into the frame. Smooth down the velcro to hold it in place and zip it back up. It only took 10 minutes after I took it off the stretcher bars. Super!

finsihed tote

I used to have three tote bags around my chair where I stitch in the afternoons and evenings. Now I have just this one tote. In the front pocket is the sampler I’m working on. All the instructions and threads are in there and out of sight. The middle, very large pocket, has Father Christmas with instructions and threads – all zipped up until I work on it each Sunday. The back pocket has the canvas for Grieg cat from Dakota Rogers that I will now work on evenings until it is done. LOVE my new tote – and insert.




7 responses to “Snowman Insert – Finale

  1. That looks super, Jan. You can stitch other inserts for different looks when the seasons change! I think I can tell by the photo that the insert pocket doesn’t have a vinyl window? Will a clear vinyl insert help protect the stitching?

  2. TA DA!!! Looks GREAT! or … It’s in the bag! The finishing a sounded awesome. Well thought out. And later, when you run out of things to do, you can do a summer-y design! Now you’re thinking! Happy stitching!

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