I’m Back…

It’s been very quiet at Thread Medley for the past week (at least online). No stitching at all.

I’ve been to Kansas City to visit my 3 sons and their families. Since we haven’t been all in one place at the same time in several years, I made a flash drive of all the family photos for each of my guys – photos from my parents’ photo albums, photos of my brother, sister and I growing up, and my 3 sons growing up. We had a wonderful laugh session with the photos displaying on a big TV. Lots of family memories, lots of good food. Here’s a photo of me with my guys – my youngest on the left, middle son in the middle, oldest on the right. There were also 3 wives and/or girlfriends, and 3 granddaughters. A wild 4 days – but SOOOO much fun.

My & My Guys 2015

I’ll get back to a little stitching tomorrow. I promise some photos by the end of the week.


6 responses to “I’m Back…

  1. Hmmm. We tend to “picture” people we know only by voice, or writings. I had you pegged as a Bea Arthur look alike. Wow! I nailed it!!! Happy back to stitching!

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