The Needlepoint Book – The E-Book Version

I pre-ordered the latest version of Jo Ippolito Christensen’s The Needlepoint Book and was notified last night that it was ready for download. It’s amazing and has so much new information in it.

  • 134 color photos of projects
  • Information on evaluating a painted canvas – focal point, colors, threads, etc.
  • Color theory
  • Thread information
  • Choosing background stitches
  • Working with embellishments
  • Many more stitches, including stitches for ribbons

There were several reviews online last week so I’m sure you’re heard lots of things already.

But I have to tell you about the E-Book version!! Kudos to Simon and Schuster for making a very wonderful online reading version. As you read the various chapters, there are references to the photos (in the back of the book), other chapters that you may want to read, stitches that she talks about. They are allĀ linked. You click the highlighted words and you immediately are looking at that photo or stitch. At the bottom of this newly opened page is a link to return to the page where you were reading. It’s wonderful and so easy to use. Because it is a book rather than an App, you can’t enlarge the photos or stitch diagrams, but that doesn’t matter. They are large and very clear so you can refer to them while you are stitching.

There are two indexes that are also linked for quick access: the General Index and the Stitch Index.

I have the iBooks version, but it is also available on Kindle. At $19.99, it’s a great deal and will take me weeks to get through it all. I highly recommend it to all stitchers who like online books and stitch applications.


One response to “The Needlepoint Book – The E-Book Version

  1. Me too. But I got the hardback and haven’t figured out how to get the app yet. Hope the free app I’m supposed to get is what you have described!

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