WIPocalypse 2015 – May

I worked on 5 projects over the last month and did fairly well.

1. Father Christmas and Cats – Did more background and finished the tassel on the hat. Did a little more on the face as well. He has now been put away for a while so I can focus on the other projects that have a chance of being completed this year. I’ll get him back out later in the year.

Father C-7

2. Persian Iris Mandala – I have completed the second corner of buildings now. Yeah! I will bead the carpet leading up to the next mosque and get the mosque started this month.

Bldg 4 done

3. Norfolk Diligence Sampler – I have completed all of the verse and the blackwork, so Band 3 is complete. I need to work on the side borders a little and start on Band 4. Hopefully, things will move a little faster with no more words to stitch.

NF Sampler - 9

4. Chapter Tile – I wanted the first quarter completed and a small start on the second quarter but ran into problems. When I got to the center (lower right), the design was off by one stitch. I need to find the error, if possible, and get it corrected. Or I can start the next quarter and deal with the center when I get to it next time. Maybe I can alter the center of the design to make it work?

Chapter 1-5

5. Bright Sea Village Express – I’ve started on one side of the car now. I’m working on the side of the car and the back/top/front side by side on the fabric. So far the side only has a door, but it’s a start. I would like to finish the first car this month. We’ll see how much stitching time I can find.


I drive myself crazy with about 7 projects going at once. I don’t know how you all keep 20 or more projects going. I need to work on my needlepoint projects too – Christmas presents need to be started soon!


7 responses to “WIPocalypse 2015 – May

  1. You’ve made really good progress this month.

    If you are unsure what to do re the off-by-one error I would move on and let it mull for a while. You might see what the problem is when you come to the next center. The other projects all look lovely.

  2. Nice to see your WIPs in one place. You’re doing well juggling seven cross-stitch projects. At least you get them finished eventually! How many needlepoint projects are in the works?

  3. Wow! Double wow!! Of course my eyes are mostly on the PIG, but I’m bummed over the Chapter Tile. I would have to find the error especially since it’s just the two colors. But knowing how creative you are I wouldn’t be surprised by a completely new center design. 7 projects is a lot on your stitching plate and I know they’re all substantial designs too. I would suggest a small piece or two but that would probably backfire into more projects at one time. You’re doing great. If in doubt just read all of our admiring posts!! Happy stitching!

  4. that’s A LOT of work! great job!
    I have a ton of WIPs but never work on all of them at the same time. I just pick a few I want to work on during the month and hopefully I actually do so without starting anything new 😛

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