Finishing – Part 1

Update: For those who don’t know what BBs are – Have you seen the movie Christmas Story? Where Ralphie wants an air rifle for Christmas? Air rifles or air pistols use BBs (pellets) for ammo. They are about an eighth of a inch in diameter (3 mm). Mine are steel with a zinc coating so they won’t rust. You can also get them with a copper coating. My 4,000 container of BBs weighs about two pounds. They have a good weight. Hope this helps.)

I’ve been slowly going through all my stash over the last few months. Each time I found a piece that had the stitching completed, I put it in a basket in my needlepoint room. One by one, I’m going to get the finishing done on them.

Bear Frame Weight


I don’t know the designer for this piece. I bought it and stitched it about 10 years ago! I’ve backed him with dark blue fabric and filled him with BBs. He’s small (about 5 inches tall) but he will be a good frame weight for small projects. I like to work outside on nice days and this will help me stitch two-handed.

I have a lot of BBs left, so I’m going to use some of them to finish the Grieg cat tomorrow. I wanted some weight to make sure he’ll stand up. That was the reason for finishing the Railroad Bear first – to make sure I had some left for the cat. Hopefully I’ll have another post of the cat tomorrow or Monday.


7 responses to “Finishing – Part 1

  1. He’s adorable! And I see the train motif there too! The frame weight is a great idea. I love stitching outside too. We have a deck out back with a huge tree shading it. In a month or so it will be too hot but right now it’s perfect. Bosco and Coal, our 4 legged kids keep me company and entertain themselves barking at EVERYTHING! Then when we go back inside they sleep like logs! Happy outdoor stitching!

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