Finishing – Part 2

My DH gave me the book on finishing from The Binding Stitch at Christmas a year ago. As I started to work on the finishing for Grieg, I decided to do some reading first. Excellent book!

Here he is with the stitching completed.

Greig Finale

I bought backing fabric that is brown with small white polka-dots on it. The sewing was easy but when I tried to turn him right side out, the ears became a problem and I was afraid I would ruin him. Today, I turned him inside out again and sewed around the ears and the top of the head a second time with a double locking stitch. That should hold him. Turned him right side out again and pressed him (fabric side up) to make sure all the polka dots would be on the back side, pressing all the seams to the back.

Stuffing him was also easy, though I put very little in the ears since they are not fat on real cats. Okay, time to get him standing up. First I made a small bean bag and filled it with more of my BBs so there would be some weight at the bottom. I covered an oval of Tim Tex (very thick pellon that I used to make a frame for the Pet Shop so it would stay nice and straight) with the same brown polka-dot fabric. Then I headed downstairs with all the pieces and carefully sewed the bottom to the front (needlepoint) and the back. Here he is all finished, standing about 9 inches tall.

Grieg Finished

I think I should try to pull the right ear a little bit more (though I’m still afraid that I’ll pull too hard and tear something). The weight of the BBs is perfect and he’s standing up nicely. Here he is at home on top of the tall dresser with my “Grandma” things – The sign is from my granddaughters and has a tiny photo of the three of them in the center. I should have gotten a new one while I was visiting in March. The little shoes were made for my mother – one for each of her great-granddaughters. Each one has the full name and date of birth for one of the girls. When she died, I brought them home with me. She placed a penny in each one to bring them good luck.

Grieg at home

It isn’t a perfect finishing job, but I’m working on it. I still have that little basket of ornaments to finish and I hope that practice will make me closer to perfect. On to the next project!


9 responses to “Finishing – Part 2

  1. Nice finish, Jan. You could try working that ear out a little at a time with a large blunt plastic needle.

  2. Super A+ on this one. I really like the polka dots! When I looked at Fauntelroy Frog, the 3D Blackwork frog, I thought about the turning process. I’m going to try anchoring a heavy thread (perl cotton?) in the seams at the end of his feet and run them through the opening then use them to pull the legs right side out. It’s a long ways off (don’t even have the chart yet) but it’s tentatively planned as a Christmas present, this year!!! Happy stitching!

  3. You did great with the finishing, I’m always scared to tackle stuff like that. You could try ‘fixing’ that one ear but as he is now I think it gives a nice ‘expression’ to his face 😀

  4. It looks great, well done! When turning out points and corners, I like to give them a push with a knitting needle or other thin object, it helps push them out all the way.

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