Now Something Completely Different

When I was 3 or 4, I remember going to Quilting Bees with my mother. I usually played under the table while they stitched. By the time I started school, Mom had quit quilting and I never learned how to quilt. I still want to do a quilt, so……

I bought a book Log Cabin Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns. I’ve read all the steps at least 3 times now and decided to go out and buy some fat quarters to try just one block. So here it is:

Quilt test

I’m not happy with the lightest of the brown fabrics, but the rest are good. I’ll need to do more practice squares before I feel confident enough to try a “real” one for a quilt for the bed in our master bedroom. I think I’ve got the sequence all right, but keeping it square is going to take some practice! I also messed up one seam on the back, where one side is folded up and the other folded down.

Then I ordered some fabric online (since it wasn’t in the brick and mortar store) that I might use in the center instead of the copper color in the square. It’s covered with all kinds of cats on a gold background. When I practice with another square, I’ll use that fabric just to see how it looks.

It’s a start and hope to get better as I work on this each Sunday. By the end of next month, I hope to be ready to start the real quilt. Nice as easy does it….


6 responses to “Now Something Completely Different

  1. And she’s off! You’re a square ahead of where you were. That’s cool about playing under the table. Mom would be proud of you!! I know I am!! Happy stitching!

  2. Happy journey through your new hobby! This made me laugh, in a good way, since we met while you were needlepointing your quilt squares.

  3. Good for you for giving it a go! It looks good to me. Don’t worry about twisted seams on the back, happens to me all the time. If you’reworried about keepi g it square, make the strips slightly wider and trim down after each round, removes any wonkiness. Are you cutting with sscissors? I’d really advise investing in a rotary cutter and acrylic quilters ruler.

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