Persian Nain Rug – Progress 8

I last posted this rug at the end of May and it looked like this:


I’ve turned the rug around so I can work on the other side now. I’ve finished the last two small motifs and the last pineapple motif now. Plus some other things – here it is today:


Half of the outline for the center medallion is now done. And I’ve filled in the center of the medallion to help me keep track as I work my way around the other half of it. I need to add the two larger square motifs on this side, continue the outer border, and add a lot more background. This is a very slow project.

I now need to decide how I want to proceed once the last two motifs on this side are added. Shall I continue moving along to the left until I get to the corner, leaving the medallion until the end? Or shall I fill everything is as I go (the medallion before I get to the corners)? I probably have another month before I need to make the decision – I’m always worried that the motifs and the borders won’t match up correctly at the other end.


8 responses to “Persian Nain Rug – Progress 8

  1. This is looking so good!! I REALKY like this one a lot! Colors, design and even the fact that there is so much open space although I realize that’s a lot of not so interesting stitching. If I could answer your question, I would, but I’m aware that when I’m stitching I spend an ENORMOUS amount of time trying to decide “The best way to go”. I usually have to just wap myself up aside my head (I could have had a V8!!) and remind myself that it ALL needs to be done eventually!! Speaking of which, I only have two good stitching days this week, today and Thursday, so, Happy stitching!



  2. What a beautiful embroidery that you make ,when i must make a choise i can beaucouse al yours embroidery so beauthiful Marie-Claire

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