WIPocalypse 2015 – Blue Moon Edition

I have two questions or instructions for the posting this time. One says to answer the question – “What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece? I hate to abandon a piece and do want to finish each piece in my stash. I have several of my own design that have been put away for several years now, but I’ve had new ideas to get past the problems I had the first time around. That’s one reason. Many of my projects are rather large and I definitely need a break from them sometimes. But I always pick them up again, in order to get them finished.

1. The other says to show a piece that has a lot of blue, since this is the Blue (second) moon of the month. That’s easy – my forever project, the Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine. Here’s the progress this month – the third mosque is now complete. I’ll start on the buildings forming the next corner when I pick it up again next week.

Mosque 3 done

And here is the progress on the whole piece so far.

PI Prog 28

2. Chapter Tiles from Modern Folk Embroidery – I’ve decided how to proceed on this. I’m going to do the outside border and the corner leaves on the bottom two corners. When that is all done I’ll start working my way to the center and see if I can find the error that prevented me from completing the first part of the center.

Chapter 2-3

3. Polar Express from Madame La Fee – You can see the start of the heart shape now. I’ve haven’t gotten very much done since I showed you this piece earlier in the month.


4. Norfolk Diligence Sampler – Not too much on this one either. A few more flowers and the start of the manor band. One cloud is done, the sky is started and the beginning of the sun.

NF Sampler 12

5. Bright Sea Village Express by Elli Jenks – This has been going so slowly no matter how much I work on it. But the first side of the car is now completed. So when I work on it again, I’ll be stitching the top of the car. Once that is under way, I’ll be able to start the second side of the car as well.

Express 5

6. Train Stocking from Stoney Creek – this is coming along very well. The car I had started is now complete. The tender full of coal is part of the engine – the coal is done and the side of the tender is also complete. I just stitched the top of the cab of the engine and you can see where Santa will be stitched next, leaning out of the window of the cab.

Train Stocking-3

Unlike many of you in this group, having so may project to work on each month just isn’t working for me. So for the month of August I’m going to work on just the two train pieces and try to get as much done on them as possible. I also have several Christmas presents and some ornaments to get done for this year. I will get back to everything else again in a month or two. I won’t abandon any of them. I just need a break from some of them. And I miss my needlepoint projects – so I will get busy on a few of those as well.


8 responses to “WIPocalypse 2015 – Blue Moon Edition

  1. Great progress! Your Persian mandala is looking lovely. Yeah, I’m the same as you when it comes to multiple WIPs. I mean there are some in my WIPocalypse list that haven’t been touched since the new year.

  2. That Persian Iris Mandala is simply stunning! It’s funny you should write about UFOs as I literally just wrote a piece on my blog yesterday about UFOs https://suziesewstoo.wordpress.com/ inspired by seeing a bunch of embroidery UFOs for sale at a flea market. I have 2 UFOS, both of which I will finish at sometime or another but we have to remember, stitching is our hobby so we should make sure we always enjoy what we are working on.

  3. What is your schedule for working on so many projects? How many hours a day do you put aside for your work. They are beautiful! There are so many pretty things that I want to do also.

  4. At least there is progress on most of your projects. The last two projects, I’ve been working on one project at a time. I finished stitching the first one and well on my way to complete the second.mmafter these two needlepoint projects, I’ll return to cross stitching Christmas ornaments. I was supposed to finish 26 ornaments by end of August so I would have plenty of time to sew them up, but I doubt if I meet my deadline of Thanksgiving for having all the ornaments wrapped and tagged. Too many other projects are calling me from my in-progress basket. I’ll try to be very disciplined.

  5. Wow, you have so many great projects going on now! I can relate, though, rotating through all of them wouldn’t work for me either. But it’s nice to have a few things to switch to when you get tired of one or the other 🙂

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