Persian Nain Rug – Progress 9

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by already. The lower, right corner is about done – just a tiny bit of background to finish.

I’m going to continue along the bottom side to complete the outer border. You can see that I’ve outlined the motifs and turned the corner. Over the next month, I want to finish the border along the bottom, start the large corner motif and get one more quarter of the medallion outlined.


I started this in January! It certainly is a slow-moving piece. It’s 13.75 inches tall and will be 19.5 inches long. Feels much larger as I work on it.

9 responses to “Persian Nain Rug – Progress 9

  1. It’s fabulous and as slow and tedious as the cream background is, I love it! It looks warm and snuggly. Big enough to cover my whole … well at least some part of me!!

  2. SLOW ???? You are the fastest stitcher I have ever heard of. I have watched you do countless rugs (ruglets?) over the years I have been reading your blog. All beautifully designed and stitched.

  3. Many color changes and counting to do on this piece, Jan, but you make really good progress, especially with the project rotations you do. Nice to visualize what the rug may look like, now that you are almost at the halfway point.

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