Answers and a Hard Decision

First, I want to thank all of you who have commented on my projects over the last few weeks. I haven’t been good about thanking you or answering  your questions.

Occupied piece – it’s coming along well and I hope to finish it in another week or so. It will eventually end up in a bathroom, but not mine. It’s a Christmas present for one of my sons. He’ll get a kick out of it, I’m sure. I’ll post when it’s done.

Many projects – I do keep a schedule for all the projects, sort of. 5 mornings a week, I work on my two largest projects upstairs on a large frame. The Persian Nain Rug and the mandala take turns. I usually work an hour and a half each day I’m up there. Afternoons are usually cross stitch time downstairs and evenings are needlepoint time while I watch (listen) to TV. I have too many things going right now, and I’m doing my best to focus on just two at a time and try to get some of them completed.  I need to work on Christmas projects first and then get back to the others.

Slowing down – Though many of you comment on how much I get done each month, I’m not making as much progress as I used to on things. I’ve never had a rug take a year to stitch before, so it’s discouraging to me to have the Nain rug going so slowly. But I know it’s  basketweave and lots of detail, so it’s going much slower than I want. I also am beginning to have problems with my hands – they get tired and hurt frequently so I’m trying not to stitch more than 45 minutes at a time and that slows me down as well.

Website – Since I don’t sell many patterns for my designs, I’ve decided that it isn’t worth keeping the site up anymore. I don’t need the expense. So the website will be shut down at the end of the year. That also means that the email address will disappear. Over the next few months, I’ll get everything switched to my personal email address so you can still contact me, if you wish.

Have no fear, the blog will still be around for a long time, I hope. If I sell patterns in the future, I’ll find another way to do it.

Take care everyone. Keep stitching.


7 responses to “Answers and a Hard Decision

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important to look after your hands. If it means going a bit more slowly in your work that’s just the way it is. (I get frustrated with mine sometimes too.)

    I’m sure you’ll find another outlet for your patterns.

  2. I love you anyway!!! I don’t think it’s possible to stop admiring your needlework in all it’s variety. And compliments will follow. But it’s very okay to take time out or slow it down. I am confident that you will make good quality decisions and as we follow along on your blog we will be blessed by the experience that you pass along! The most important part of stitching is YOU! Happy stitching Jan!!

  3. Have you tried using gloves that have their fingers cut out? When my hands bother me I use them. You can find them in WalMart in the Pharmacy section. I don ‘t know why they work so good but they do. Be sure you get the therapeutic gloves.

  4. The thing with our hobby is that each stitch is painstakingly and lovingly built and that always takes time. I’m sorry to hear that your hand are hurting. Do you know why or what from? Would it help to squeeze those stress balls for exercise?

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