Persian Nain Rug – Progress 10

Time for a monthly update on this rug. Still going quite slowly…

Last month, I was here:


Today, I’m here (and I’ve turned it around again):


The side on the top now – a lot of the border has been filled in and I’ve started the outline of the two square motifs.

In the center, I’ve completed the outlining of the medallion. Now I can slowly start to fill in the areas.

The side on the bottom has the second square motif filled in and the pineapple is half done.

This month I’m going to finish filling in the pineapple, start the outline for the other two square motifs (so the two sides match), and then work on the border.

By next month, I want the entire outer border stitched, have some of the medallion filled in, and be working on one of the large corner motifs. I need to pick up the pace if this is going to be done this year.

I have a small tile design waiting for my attention and I’ve started working on a Persian pillow design in jade green and pale golden browns as well. My hands can’t keep up with all the designs floating in my head right now.

Happy stitching everyone!



4 responses to “Persian Nain Rug – Progress 10

  1. Wow! I LOVE getting to corners!! This keeps getting better and better! The Persian tile pillow sounds gorgeous!! And it’s great that the new designs keep on keeping on! Your hands will temper the dreams and they will flourish!! Happy stitching Jan!!

  2. Now that you’ve told us about your other designs, I want you to finish this one quick as well so we can see the others! But you are making great progress, and if you really get the border done this month, I’m sure filling in the rest will be quickly done ^_^

  3. I agree with Kellee’s…corners are great. It’s like finishing the border of a jigsaw puzzle from one corner to the other and getting a firm idea of the finished size. There’s a physical finish line for which to aim.

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