Swans Intro

It’s nice to have a quiet, basketweave project for when I’m frazzled and not willing to work on projects that require counting from charts.


This is a penelope canvas from Gobelin. It will eventually end up in the guest bathroom, so I wanted to tone down the colors a little. I took a drawer of Silk & Ivory threads to the bathroom and matched up the greens and browns with the new towels and shower curtain. I don’t work on it very often, just an hour or two each week. I’ve just started working from the left side.


Working just a little at a time also gives me lots of time to contemplate the reflections in the water. I’ve tried a few ideas already and haven’t been too happy with any of them. What stitches and threads do you use for water and reflections? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance.


6 responses to “Swans Intro

  1. Would you please tell me the designer of the swans and where I might find it. I work at Bok Tower as a volunteer where they used to have swans and the setting is similiar to the one that they have. It is beautiful!

  2. Ahhhhh! A very peaceful piece! I like swans!! But to answer your question regarding the reflections, I don’t know. Maybe slightly more muted colors in perle cotton instead of the Silks and Ivory and, my pat answer to everything in life, maybe some sparkle, blending filament or very fine braid. Sparkle is my answer to most life issues! Looking forward to seeing this project evolve! Happy stitching!!

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