A Trip and Hometown Holidays’ Fire Station

I said I was taking some time off from stitching. Part of that time was spent heading to Arkansas for my youngest son’s wedding over the weekend. The highlight of the wedding was watching the beautiful bride arrive at the very old stone chapel (we were seated outside) in a 1902 Mercedes! Just beautiful – as was the ceremony with modern updated vows. We’re exhausted, but home again and catching up on sleep.

Since we were stuck in LAX for 3 hours, I took a small cross stitch piece to stitch in the airport. I didn’t get very far though, stitching only the top part of the fire station.

Fire St-1

I’ll get back to this later in the month. I have other things that I need to work on first – like my Nain Rug! I’m slowly picking up projects again, but I need to limit myself to only 2-3 projects at a time. I can then add a project to finish as I get those 2-3 done. Staying calm and things are going well for these 2 days – so far. LOL



5 responses to “A Trip and Hometown Holidays’ Fire Station

  1. It’s good to relax!! The wedding sounds like it was very beautiful!! The firehouse looks similar to part of a Chatelaine mandala, but that would definitely disqualify it as a “small” project! Sleep well!!

  2. Welcome home…the wedding sounds lovely and I’m sure you had fun with family and grandchildren. I have stopped stitching for a while because of left thumb soreness, and now have soreness through my left knuckles. I fear some sort of arthritis is setting in. I find I can’t knit either. I’m bummed. I did discover that I can still stitch as long as my frame is on a stand. However, I’m still taking it easy, as I don’t want to lose the ability to craft with my left hand. Taking it slowly, albeit for different reasons than yours.

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