Persian Nain Rug – Progress 11 and an Anniversary

WordPress informs me that my 7th anniversary for this blog was yesterday! Boy does time fly!! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog during those 7 years!

I’ve changed my mind about how to complete this rug. I’m in the process of outlining all the various parts and motifs. That way I can work on filling in all that cream background while I’m finishing off the other parts. I didn’t want all that background to be left until the very end. You can see in the photo below that I have the border on the last side started and the two corners are outlined and ready to be filled in. I need to outline the pineapples so I can start the background.


I’ll continue to work on outlines over the next couple of weeks as well as working on completing the border on the last side.

I’m trying to get back to my regular routine of working on this five mornings a week. Today was only the second day this week. Next week should be five days. I’ll start picking up on the afternoon cross stitch projects on Monday and hope to post more often from now on.


6 responses to “Persian Nain Rug – Progress 11 and an Anniversary

  1. I’m glad you’re on schedule again. Stitching better? I have stopped stitching anything where I have to hold the project in my left hand, whether in a hoop or frame or not (such as zip and stitch), for a little while. Thumb ligament still sore. Thankfully, I can still needlepoint, but only if the frame is held by a frame holder. Even then, I have taken it easy and taken lots of breaks. Frustrating and miserable to think I may never be able to stitch regularly again.

  2. The outlining sounds like an excellent idea!! And so far the rug looks awesome. Your progress is always encouraging to us poke alongs!! Be sure to take time to smell the … flosses? Hmmm. Maybe that didn’t make any sense. Oh well! Happy stitching!!

  3. It has been a pleasure to read , and watch, your pieces being stitched. You are very talented and super human fast. Here is to another 7 years.

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