Gardener’s Alphabet from Liz Morrow

Liz Morrow ( is getting ready to reissue this pattern that was originally published in Needlepoint News in 1982. She now has permission from Jim Williams to republish them. Rather than doing a rug this time, she is releasing them as individual letters. To that end, a few of us volunteered to pilot stitch the letters to help Liz make sure the charts are correct and instructions are easy for all of you to understand. I asked for 3 of them, the ones for my granddaughters’ names. Below are my three all finished. I haven’t done the background for two of them because I haven’t decided how I want to do that part. I used #5 white perle cotton to do the background of the A in Skip Tent. Now I need to decide on colors and stitches for the other two in the near future. The leaves and the flowers were done in the recommended DMC colors in Tent stitch.










They are about 5″ square and will be up on her website around the end of the month. I really enjoyed choosing the girls’ favorite colors for the letters, selecting stitches for the letter, and stitching them. I bet you’ll enjoy them too.


8 responses to “Gardener’s Alphabet from Liz Morrow

  1. You sure you didn’t do the “K” for Kellee?? Kidding!! These are beautiful!! Are the flowers chosen because of the letter that they are designed with? I believe “C” is Cyclamens, but I don’t recognize the other two flower types. Great stitching, as always Jan!!

  2. Love seeing your letters–beautiful stitching. I too did one (the Letter N) and blogged about it. Looking forward to seeing the full alphabet

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