Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Kulik

I loved this design the very first time I saw it! Finally bought it about 2 years ago and have pulled it out of my stash to get busy with the stitching. It’s stitched using 10 different colors of Watercolors by Caron Collection, Snow, Silk Lame Braid, and a skein of Vineyard Silk for the the bottom section. I’m substituting Silk & Cream from Rainbow Gallery since I have about 6 cards of it in my stash.

Jeff's Log Cabin

You start stitching with the narrow inner border which is white. It doesn’t go all the way around the design, which is easier to see on my version below. Then you can slowly add the other two borders a little at a time while you work on the rest of the design. The borders look beige in the photo above but are actually very pale yellow and green and a light yellow and green.

Log Cabin 1

I have completed the white border and started the other two which go all the way around the design. I’m now working on the row upon row of Waffle stitches that form a log cabin at the top, left. So far the two stitches I’ve been using work up quickly and you really get into a rhythm  stitching them and that speeds things up. The darkest color is complete and I’m now on the second of 7 colors for the log cabin. I love this and it’s a nice one hour break each day from the cross stitch projects that need to be finished for Christmas. Let’s see how far I can get in the next two weeks when I post about it again.

There was an article about this project and adapting it to smaller sizes in March 2015 issue of Needle Pointers magazine from the American Needlepoint Guild.


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