Batman Ornament – Progress 1

I needed something to get me started with my stitching again, so I pulled out this ornament that will be given to one of my sons for Christmas. It’s only 2.5″ wide, so it’s a quick stitch. This little design is one of the many that were designed – for comic book lovers – by Rogue Needlepoint Designs. I bought this one from Michelle at Come to the Point!

Batman orni-1

The back of the ornament is completed. I’m using only Needlepoint Inc silk. The bottom section was stitched in black and the light gray background on the top part were stitched in Nobuko and the rest was stitched in Basketweave. I’ve started the front, but I really need to stitch the black while I’m sitting outside so it’s easier to see. I’ve tried working with my Daylight lap and a white screen on my mini iPad on my lap. It helps but outside is better, so I’ll try to get that part done tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow I also have to pick up the train stocking and try to get some progress done there too.


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