Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Kulick – Progress 3

This is moving so nicely and I really love it!

I had hoped that the next section would finish the top right corner – but no. It’s on to the mini quilt section in the middle. This divides the piece up even more so you can see what is left to do.

Log Cabin-3

I only have two of the quilt squares completed and there are three rows of this to complete. I’ll have it done by next time.I also want to complete the outer borders. There’s only a little left at the bottom and most of the right side.

Everything moves along quickly when I have time to work on this. My hands don’t like me stitching on it for more than 45 minutes – so just 2-3 sessions a week. Needlepoint seems harder on my hands than cross stitch, for some reason.


7 responses to “Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Kulick – Progress 3

  1. I’m needlepointing at the moment, Jan. I can see how needlepoint is more difficult, as the needle doesn’t pass as smoothly as with cross stitch, at least for me. I’m taking lots of breaks, alternating between stitching and editing photos on the computer. This deconstructed log cabin is lovely. I love the way the colors flow.

  2. My hands and arms always hurt when I stitch on canvas. Especially when stitching special stitches. I feel like I’m constantly fighting against the fabric to pull the needle out.

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