Christmas Finishing – Part 1

Things have been running slowly, so now I’m in a rush to get things into the mail this week.

The Batman ornament I’m not pleased with… The braid doesn’t look good and I should have done it all in one color. It’s also crooked. I tried so hard to get this straight and when it was all done, it’s off. Hope my son is okay with this. Sigh…



Batman finish2

Batman finish1







The Occupied piece – I like the way it turned out. Since it will be hung on a brown door, I made it a soft finish. It has Tim Tex inside to give it weight and to keep it from folding up when it’s hanging. The back is a brown and gold fabric and it’s hanging from a brown cord. Hope my son loves how it’s finished as well as the humor (I’m pretty sure he’ll get a big chuckle from it.)

Occupied finish1



Occupied finish2







Tomorrow I’ll work on finishing the granddaughters’ gifts. I’ll post when they are done.



4 responses to “Christmas Finishing – Part 1

  1. Fun stitches, Jan. I don’t think the crooked braid will be noticeable once the ornament is hung on the tree. Waiting to see the initial ornaments for your granddaughters.

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