Deconstructed Log Cabin – Progress 5

I didn’t complete the next 3 areas which I hoped to have done by the end of the year. I ran out of thread in one area and moved on to the others while I wait for more thread.

Log Cabin 5

Each area is stitched the same way, but the colors and threads change. The diamonds are all stitched with different Watercolors. The Upright Cross in the center of each diamond is stitched with Silk Lame Braid for the top right and bottom left. The white section used white Snow. The green section will continue straight down to match up with the short row of white from the outer border. Then I’ll just have the very dark green section to fill in the rest of the design. I hope to have this piece completed by next weekend. Fingers crossed.


4 responses to “Deconstructed Log Cabin – Progress 5

  1. You’re starting the New Year beautifully!! As always, your photo are so good, I blow them up huge and can see all the gorgeous details!! Happy and Warm Stitching!!

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