Creating Stockings for 2016

Here’s a new project for me this year – making Christmas stockings for son #2 and his girlfriend. He likes Moroccan things (that’s where he was born) and has a lot of Moroccan cultural things in his home. Since he hasn’t given me any ideas of what he would want on a stocking, I’m creating the two stockings using motifs from my Moroccan rugs.

Heather’s stocking will be stitched in two shades of pink, two shades of Christmas green, with golds accents. I’ll use white Pepper Pot Silk for the background, and try to add some metallics too.

Malik’s stocking will be stitched in shades of blue from the Nain Rug and lots of copper/rust as the second color. Again I’ll use white for the background and lots of shiny and/or metallic threads.

The photos below are from my cross stitch software and are just to help me remember what motifs I want in the different areas. And they are subject to change as I stitch them, like centering the rows a little better or changing some of the colors to keep it balanced. I already know that the large copper section needs to be changed to rust lines and the diamonds stitched in various shades of blue.

They will definitely be very unique and fun for me to stitch. I’m starting early on Christmas things this year and stitching on them all year long, so there is no rush in December to get things finished up and shipped.
heather stocking Malik's Stocking


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