Hometown Holiday’s Fire Station – Finale

I had 3 charts from this series waiting to be stitched and I wanted to try and get caught up before another one was released. Didn’t happen – chart #10 The Tree Lot – arrived at my house on Monday. I have finished the Fire Station and still have 3 to go. Sigh…

Here’s the finished Fire Station before I stitched all the little extras.

Fire Station 3

After I had the top done and was working on the door at the bottom, I realized that the windows panes were supposed to be the red color. I think they look fine in brown and I didn’t want to tear it all out. Then I added the extras to the right of the station and here is the final piece.

Fire Station 4

I love the little dalmation and the fire hydrant!

I won’t start the next one for a few weeks. I’m starting two new needlepoint projects this week and continuing to work on the train stocking and the Nain Rug. I’m definitely working hard in the new year – and having a lot of fun.


4 responses to “Hometown Holiday’s Fire Station – Finale

  1. I actually like the brown window frames, Jan. That makes the red in the other places stand out. I like the cardinal….I wish cardinals were in California! I love their bright red color.

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