Pink Moroccan Stocking – Progress 1

When I posted the drawings for these stockings, I told you I was using motifs from my Moroccan rugs. That way I wouldn’t have to invent new ones. I could just change colors. I used 3 projects for this stocking – the Teal Rug, the Mini Maroc rug, and the High Atlas Pillow.

I have completed the bottom of the stocking so far. Three bands are completed and I have four more bands to go. Obviously the bands on the upper part will be bigger to fill in the space. Here it is so far:

H Stocking 1

Almost everything is done with Pepper Pot Silk. The exception is the Rhodes stiches in the middle band. I used metallic ribbon for those. The Scotch stitches took quite a while to complete, but the rest has moved along quickly. I’ll show it again when I have the next 3 bands done – maybe 2-3 weeks.


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