WIPocalypse 2016 – February

I have progress and two finishes this month – that really makes me feel good!

  1. Train Stocking from Stoney Creek Magazine


Train St Finale

2. Hometown Holidays from Little House Needleworks

Firehouse – finished

Fire Station 4

Pet Store – started – will finish in March


Pet Store 1

3. Polar Express by Madame La Fee – started the right side of the heart. My goal is to finish this in March.

Polar Express 5

4. Persian Iris Mandala from Chatelaine – went from this:

3rd corner-4

to this:

3rd corner 5

I want to finish this 3rd corner in March and start the last mosque. Also need to bead the last carpet leading up to the mosque.

Measi’s question for the month is:  If you have any of your pieces on display in your home which attracts the most plaudits? Almost everything on display in my home is needlepoint. I hope to have the mandala finished and framed this year and on display! The piece that gets the most attention is my adaptation of a Persian rug called Baluchi.

Baluchi Framed


5 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – February

  1. Great progress on all of your projects…I get a feeling that 2016 is great for finishing everywhere I look! The persian rug looks great, now wonder it’s getting a lot of attention.

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