WIPocalypse 2016 – March

Making progress on some of my larger projects, have one finish and one almost finish.

  1. Hometown Holidays – I finished the Pet Store

Pet Store 2

2. Polar Express by Madame Le Fee is almost complete. I will have it done by the end of the week.

Polar Express-6

3. Persian Iris Mandala – I finished the 3rd corner of buildings and started on the last mosque. Over the next month I’ll bead the last carpet leading up to the mosque and try to finish the mosque as well.

PI mosque 4-1

4. Gossamer Fractal – I finished filling in the area that I worked on a year ago and have now started on the last section of Page 2 (I have enlarged the charts and only print out a half page at a time. I’m halfway through the bottom half of Page 2 now.


5. Gentle Elephant (for stocking) – The elephants don’t appear until the far right side of Page 2, I’m still working on the ear, most of which is dark browns and grays. The colors on the top, left of the ear are starting to get lighter in color. I’ll start on Page 3 this coming weekend and I hope the colors are much lighter there as I finish the ear and start on the face. After I finish the Polar Express this week, this piece will move from weekends only to weekdays so it will move along faster then.



Our question this month is – Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? I’m a needlepointer and I’ve always used stretcher bars or scroll bars. So when I started cross stitching I stayed with that. I started the mandala on a scroll frame until it was too narrow to keep a whole side visible as I was working on it. It’s now on stretcher bars now because I’m working around the outer edges and it’s easier to keep the fabric tight and be able to reach the areas I’m stitching and beading. And it’s easier to take photos of the whole piece when I can see it all and I don’t have to move the piece around to work on various areas – I just turn the whole thing. The Polar Express is now on a hoop because the Q snaps weren’t holding it well – the fabric was too small. Everything else is now on Q Snaps (as of last year when I tried them). They are working out well for me – hold fabric tight and easy to move from one area to another as I work on a piece.


7 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – March

  1. I use hoops for any non-canvas fabric (linen, Aida), and hold the hoop with one of my needlework stands, either the lap/table stand by Elan or my floor stand, K’s Creation Tag-a-long. I absolutely love the Harwicke Manor rectangular wood hoops. They have rounded corners so aren’t “true” rectangles. The hoops are smooth and sturdy, and have brass fittings that can be replaced if worn out.

    For needlepoint canvas, I use either my Q-snaps or scroll frames for large canvases. I’ve never noticed any big problems with fabric tautness. I just re-hoop or tighten the frames, as needed. I’ve never used stretcher bars just because I have the other options at home already.

    I really admire your adherence to your stitching regime/schedule, Jan. I’m not as disciplined as you are, and maybe that’s why I don’t complete as many projects as quickly as you do!

  2. Every one of these are looking GREAT!!! I broje my phone the other night (waiting for the replacement to be delivered now) so I’m using our tablet which I really dont like, but, have to admit, the photos are so much bigger! And gorgeous! Still loving the Mandala, of course! I can see the metallic threads so much better! Happy stitching Jan!!!

  3. I use a frame of one sort or another for most things, but there is always something that is being worked in the hand… I’ve never used Q-snaps, but I have a lot of the little Siesta bar frames for smaller projects.

  4. Great progress on everything – that fractal is coming along really nicely since you got back into it 🙂

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