Hometown Holiday and Changes

I made some decisions about my stitching over the weekend.

  1. I’ve been spending most of my time on stockings for Christmas and two projects that I really want done this year – the mandala and the fractal. Slow progress on most of them so far. But the fractal has been driving me crazy again and parts of it just don’t look good (to me). So it’s out of the rotation for now (and maybe for good). So I needed a new weekend project and looked over my list and then pulled out two projects. I’ve started the Florist for Hometown Holidays and I’ll stitch that on weekends until it is done. Here’s my progress so far:

Florist 1

This is the awning above the windows and the start of the Florist sign.

When this little piece is done, I’ll go back to Patchwork Sampler Serenity which I just barely started last year. It’s a Quaker piece. I feel much better working on simpler tasks on the weekend after working many hours on the elephant. I’ve moved on to the next page on that one too!

2. Needlepoint projects – I’m almost done with the second Moroccan stocking so I’ll need another needlepoint project at that point. I’m working on several smaller designs but they are not ready to go just yet. So I’ve ordered the canvas and Pepper Pot Silk for my next rug – Anatolia. Think red, black and gold! I hope to start that on June 1st.

Downstairs I will work on my small Madagascar rug and try to get that finished while I complete the design for the smaller projects – Kurd Tree of Life, an Irish tile, and a Paisley design. Whichever one grabs and holds my attention first will get started next month too. Never a dull moment here.


4 responses to “Hometown Holiday and Changes

  1. You’re always so thoughtful about your projects and rotation. I would finish more if I thought like you. I usually just go with what I want to do, which means lots of UFO’s in my downstairs rotation basket, and a second rotation bin started. Plus, I notice the newer charts I have bought are getting filed into the rotation without any threads or fabric/canvas. A bad habit, as my older charts are then being ignored, since they are filed neatly alphabetically in my chart file.

  2. Aw! I’m sorry that your fractal us not behaving!! But that’s okay!! The one project that I was looking for and didn’t see in your to-dos was the purple heron? That one, I believe, is for YOU!! I think you are a indispensable part of all you do, SO … gotta do something for you too. (Pot calls the kettle black!)

  3. I think the colours in the elephant and the fractal may be close enough to cause a sort of “interference” in your head when you’re working them. Maybe not working on the fractal for a bit will help pull it back together…

  4. So much going on at your place! I’m sorry your fractal isn’t working out at the moment, but great new start and I’m really excited for all the other things you have planned!

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