Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Progress 3

With just 1-2 hours to work on this each week, progress is slow. I wanted to see how my idea of overdyes of different colors would work for the ground around the purple heron’s feet. I had just started it last time you saw the canvas. It’s about half done now, using the Hungarian stitch for the whole area. The gray/brown thread is Flax n Color. The olive overdye is an Anchor variegated thread. The multi-color one is an old Needle Necessities floss. All of them from my stash.

Heron 3A

I think I need to decide how to stitch the feet before I finish the section around the feet.

I also finished the left side of the bottom border. Now to figure out that frog.

Heron 3B

I don’t know how much time I’ll have for this after this month. The new rug is scheduled to begin on June 1st. But I’ll find a few hours here and here.


7 responses to “Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Progress 3

  1. Happy Mothers Day, Jan!! I’m SO glad to see this one! Feels like I just got a present!! And it looks really great! I think the stitch choice and the colors for the ground are wonderful!! They contrast with the water stitches (ground sort of vertical, water kind of horizontal), very nice!! It all works really well!! And you still have the main event to come, the heron itself!! I’m glad you’re making time for this piece and yourself among all your creative busy-ness! Happy stitching!!

  2. Taking your times really seems to be the right way to go with this one, as you seem to be making perfect choices and it all looks so lovely! I adore the new colours.

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