Hometown Holiday’s Florist – Finale

Too many things going on around here and my stitching time seems nonexistent some days. But this weekend I finally found time to get this little piece done.

Florist Finale

This is #9 in the series and I still have two more in my stash waiting for me. They’ll have to wait a little longer as I have too many things to work on right now.


4 responses to “Hometown Holiday’s Florist – Finale

  1. TA DA!! A small finish is a finish none the less!! And it’s lovely! Do you know what you want to do with these when they’re all done? Maybe little stand ups with a model train running among them?? Hmmmm?

  2. My stitching times seems to be very limited as well…but itÄs awesome you still managed a finish, and such a cute one as well 😀

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