Tracking My Projects

I’ve seen several posts on other blogs lately about inventory and tracking of projects. I thought I’d share how I handle it. I’m on a Mac and use Bento (a small database program that is no longer sold by Apple, unfortunately). But these first screen shots can be duplicated with Tables in any Word Processing program or in a Spreadsheet program.

List Page

This first screen shot shows the top of my list. These are projects that I want to work on this year – there are always more projects than I can realistically handle in a year, but it gives me options and choices. The 4th column always shows where that project is – started, being designed, or ready to start. Ready to start means it has been kitted up and ready to be stitched. You can see that I have 29 projects to work on this year. This part keeps growing throughout the year as I design more things myself.

There is a blank row that has Temp in the 4th column. This makes sorting my list easy – keeping current projects above the rest of the list. Z- projects are in my stash in various stages of readiness – projects to do in the future. They start with Z so they will fall below current projects since everything is listed alphabetically. You should be able to do this in the other programs mentioned above as well.

Bottom of List

This is at the bottom of the list.  I started this database in 2009 and the list is now at 177 rows, 82 of which are completed projects. Column 5 shows the completion date for each project and I also have a space for a photo of the finished project. I can easily add or delete projects right on this list page. I always sort the list by the 5th column – Completed. Any project that is not completed will automatically appear at the top of the list, like the screen shot at the top of the post.

Bento has an additional screen for each project where you can add lots of additional information, if you wish. I designed this database page myself.

Project Page

I haven’t used the Notes section as much as I intended. I thought it would be good to list the cost of supplies, etc. But I haven’t done that yet. The photo is the completeld project, but I will replace it with a new photo when this has been made into a stocking.

I have other “libraries” in Bento as well. There is one for each thread brand, fabric (not a complete inventory yet), books, etc. I’m very good about updating the projects library, but never seem to be able to keep up with the threads. I’m also creating one for stitches with how each stitch can be used and I’m creating stitch diagrams for them as well. Wish I had more time in the day for all these things.

I’ve always liked to be organized, but as I get older I seem to lose a little of that skill. I wish I had every one of the databases up to date, but I feel it’s a losing game. Hope this gives you ideas of what you can also do to get organized.



8 responses to “Tracking My Projects

  1. Terrific system. I have a similar one, but it doesn’t include my own designs. Same as you, I’m better at keeping up the projects than the materials!

  2. I track my knitting projects and yarn, on-line at, where there is a built-in free database that’s better than anything I could design. I did make Excel spreadsheets for my needlework, separate ones for cross stitch and needlepoint kits and canvases, patterns, books. I don’t have a ton of fiber, so I don’t need a spreadsheet for them. Most are stored in bins, which are numbered so I can find what I want more quickly. The projects on which I’m stitching are in rotation bins, one for needlepoint and one for cross stitch, as well as one for knitting. Sometimes I feel I spend more time on organizing than I do on crafting!

  3. I kept track of stock when I made kits to sell, but not anymore. Everything is so improvised that “kitting up” a project in advance just doesn’t happen either. I sometimes think I should try to be more organised, but it would take so long!

  4. This makes me smile so much – because I realize I’m not the only one burying myself alive with more stitching than I could possibly complete!! I love the organization. I keep a physical diary where I cycle my current “at home” projects (I keep different projects at the store). Any level of organization helps keep your work moving along. Brava!

  5. That’s a great way to keep organized! Me, I always try and start something like that, but I hardly ever keep up with it. Probably I’m just not as organized a person as I’d like to think, but as long as I find what I’m looking for in my chaos (which I usually do), I’m okay with that.

  6. Never thought about using Bento. I have it too and it was a great little program. Currently I have my projects in a spreadsheet, may have to transfer it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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