WIPocalypse 2016 – July

After being without internet or TV for a day and a half, I can finally write this post and get it up on WordPress.

Persian Iris Mandala – I’m working on the 3rd corner now and hope to have all the stitching done by early next week. Then I need to do the rest of the beads and crystals. I have about half of that done already, so hopefully it will only take another couple of days. I want to have this finished completely by the end of the month. I’ll post the final photos then.

Here’s the first corner, for those who don’t normally follow by blog.

1st corner done

And here it is today. I actually got more done this morning since I couldn’t post anything. Now working on this 5 days a week to get it done this month.

PIG 2 corners

Gentle Elephant – Finished pages 2-4 (elephant only, no background). I’ll start with the last page now and do the legs of the mother and then the baby. This is over half done now since the bottom sections have about 20 fewer rows. Onward….

Gentle Elephant 6

Old Fashioned Ornaments – I finished the turquoise one and am almost finished with the purple one. I still have pink to do and then one for myself in red. These are about 2.5″ on 40 ct. linen.

Old Fashioned 1B


Old Fashioned 2A






Patchwork Serenity Sampler – Page one is complete

Serenity 4

So on to Page 2 – though I may take a break from this one in August and start on the last stocking I need for this year.



6 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – July

  1. Love seeing the updates, Jan. I love the mandala. And you’re making good progress on the other projects. What is the design of the last stocking you need this year?

  2. Great progress! You should totally be able to finish the mandala in July, those elephants are coming along great, but I think I like the ornaments best in this post, especially the purple one 🙂

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