On second thought…

We lost Julius a month ago. We had decided when we got Julius that he would be our last kitty.  We don’t want to be taking care of cats when we’re 85-90 years old. So we were really upset when he died.

Yesterday, I took Daisy (our 16 year old female cat) to the vet for a checkup and to check on her thyroid levels. While I was waiting, I saw they had two little kittens for adoption. They were adorable and I loved watching them, but no way I would take one home. BUT…. they had an older cat that needed a home. She’s about 7 years old, a flame point Himalayan, and very quiet. No one wants to adopt her because she is FIV+ (feline AIDS). When I got home, I told DH about her and he did some quick research about FIV and whether it could be transmitted to Daisy if we brought the new cat home (unless Gwen bites her, and the chances of that happening are really low) . Then he called the vet and talked with her for a while. DH said she needed a good home and no one else wanted her. So we went to the vet and brought her home.

Here’s Gwen (she already had this name and answers to it).


She and Daisy are staying away from each other so far, but it’s only been 24 hours. She is a quiet girl, but loves to answer any time you talk to her. She comes running whenever we open a door in the house and doesn’t mind being petted or picked up. She’s a real sweetheart. She should live a long time and isn’t on any type of medication. We’re trying to have DH spend more time with her than I do so she will bond to him. That should help Daisy feel less threatened. Daisy actually slept in my chair in the living room last night so Gwen wouldn’t try to claim it. We’ll see how things go, but I don’t expect any problems at all.

One good thing already – Daisy has been yowling every night when we go to bed and she’s alone. No yowling last night.


14 responses to “On second thought…

  1. Good on you Jan and DH. Seems they’ll settle in OK together, given they aren’t yowling or spitting at each other.

  2. welcome to Gwen! You’ve done a good deed there, offering her a new loving home and I’m sure Daisy will get used to her very soon.

  3. What a wonderful heartwarming story! Good luck with your new family member. She’s so incredibly lucky to have found such a loving home…..and just think of all the fabulous stitching you can teach her🐾

  4. I knew the right one would come along! Enjoy having two again, they do keep each other company. She is a beauty, give us a pic of Daisy sometime. 😉

  5. You ARE this cat’s meow!! Or a kitty angel! She is lovely and with a bit of time I’m sure Daisy will adjust to her new friend. You know how much I admire your stitching, well, your beautiful and loving heart exceeds your stitching!!

  6. What a beautiful new furbaby and what a kind act of you and your DH to take her in! Everyone loves kittens, but I’m always really happy to see when older and/or sick pets find a loving new home 🙂

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