Quick Update

No photos today.

Persian Iris Mandala – it’s done – sort of. I ran into two glitches. I ran out of one thread, ordered more of it and it will be here today. I can finish the cross stitching in the morning. I was happily attaching beads yesterday morning and this morning and didn’t have enough of one of the crystals. I actually had enough but the last one I picked up didn’t have a hole through the middle. I contacted ECC and Cindy wrote right back. That crystal is no longer available, but she has some biscones that are a close match and wanted to know if I could take the others out easily and replace them. Of course, I said Yes! So waiting for new biscones. I’ll post photos next week after the new biscones are in place.

Gwen – She is thoroughly enjoying being in our home and being around DH and I. But she just isn’t getting along with Daisy. Every time she sees Daisy she hisses and has a low growl. Daisy has been so patient and is confused by this cat that won’t be her friend. She moves to a place where she is visible to Gwen and sits quietly. After a minute or two, she moves a little closer. I assume she is giving Gwen the slow blink to show she is a friend. Then she moves away and gets into my lap – her usual hangout. The last two nights, Gwen has gotten on the big scratching post and will settle down and stay with all of us for about a half hour before running back upstairs where she spends most of her time. I’ll post a photo of the two of them together – when that finally happens.


4 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Wow, finishing your mandala is practically around the corner! Hurray! Daisy is being so kind and patient. I hope Gwen finally relents and becomes comfortable enough with her so they can be pals.

  2. Give it time. Gwen and Daisy will be fast friends soon enough. Daisy is being smart by not pushing too hard.
    Can’t wait to see your finished piece!

  3. Oh wow, so much bad luck with that Mandala whn we SO want to see it finished! To be out by one crystal and then learn they don’t make them anymore, that mus be frustrating. I hope the new biscones will work and will look great when you’re done 🙂
    I aso hope your new kitty will get along with Daisy soon. The way she’s trying to make friends sounds adorable, who would be able to resist for much longer!

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