It’s Official!

Gwen was officially adopted yesterday! It’s taken some work, some scratches, and lots of hissing on her part, but she is finally settling in here.

Gwen condo

We call this our Cat Condo. There are three cubbyholes and an open space on top. This is the first place downstairs that she adopted. It’s not very big, but she feels safe and secure here. She is now spending every afternoon in the open space on top.

She has been hissing at Daisy every time she sees her – and growling. Daisy would get intimidated and walk away. But Daisy has not decided that two can play that game. If Gwen gets too close, Daisy is the one to hiss and growl – then Gwen is the one who walks away. They can now be in the same room without much fuss. If one of them starts to growl, we just take a few steps toward them, and they go their separate ways.

Gwen Laser

Trying to keep her mind off of Daisy, DH played laser with her. She was all over the place and had a ball. Once in a while, while she was running around, she would glance at Daisy, hiss, and then run after the laser again. She had us laughing too. Daisy is 16 years old and is wise to the laser trick. She’s keeping an eye on Gwen but won’t participate in the activity. Gwen looks a lot bigger than Daisy, but only weighs about a pound more than Daisy – she’s all fur.

She knows the feeding schedule too. First thing in the morning and after Jeopardy at night. One morning last week, I overslept and didn’t get up until 45 minutes later than usual. I heard her crying at the bedroom door. So cute!!


5 responses to “It’s Official!

  1. My cats were kept in the office the first week or so after adoption. They would retreat to the cat carriers we left in the room. Like Gwen, they felt more secure in a small enclosed space. Hope Gwen and Daisy continue their truce.

  2. Yay for the adoption! I love reading about your new fur baby, it truly warms my heart. On the topic of warmth, I hope your two ladies will warm for each other a bit as they get used to the other one 🙂

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