WIPocalypse 2016 – August

I’m very pleased with my progress this month! I completed Persian Iris Mandala (after 4 years)

PIG Finale

And I finished the last 3 of the Old Fashioned Ornaments (turquoise was done last month and the red one is mine))

Old Fashioned 2B

Old fAshioned 3

Old fashioned 4

I’ve gotten a lot done on the elephant – the baby is finally appearing to the left of the legs

Elephant 8

And I’ve started the last of the stockings I need to get done. It’s an easier pattern and not too many colors  so it’s moving along nicely. The bottom left page is done and I’ve started the top left page. Can you guess what it is?

Batman 1

Yes, it’s Batman! I hope to have both the elephant and Batman done by the next WIPocalypse post. Then I can spend some time making up all 4 ornaments and the stockings (5 of them!!). The ornaments and 4 of the stockings need to be mailed for Christmas and I want them all done early – for a change!

Happy stitching!!




8 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – August

  1. This is the first time Batman has appeared, right? Looking forward to the next WIPocalypse, and then the introduction of new projects?

  2. Your needles must be smoking! And the Persian Mandala must be one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen done. Great progress on all of that! You must be so proud 🙂

  3. Great progress on your stitching, you’re really moving along! The mandala is looking great, I love the ornaments, and yay for already making that much progress on the stockings!

  4. Your Persian mandala looks stunning. This pattern has been at the top of my Chatelaine wishlist for as long as I can remember. Will be years before I can set aside enough to purchase it. Not to mention the courage required to stitch up the design 🙂 Such a joy to see it finished 🙂

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