WIPocalypse 2016 – September

I’ve only worked on two cross stitch projects over the last month – the stockings that need to be done.

Gentle Elephant – the elephants are done! Whew! I’m going to add some grass around their feet and then do the name at the top. Both of these tasks are for next week.

Gentle Elephant 9

Batman – Pages 1 and 3 on the left side are completely done. Page 2 is almost done, just the cape to do. Page 4, I did the rest of his body. Most of what is left is the hand and the rest of the cape. A lot of blue and black to go. I hope to have it done and the name stitched at the top by the end of next week.

Batman 2

With these two projects out of the way in about 7-10 days, I’ll have time to go back and pick up other projects that need to be finished. I have a lot of projects to choose from and several small pieces that I want done by the end of the year, so you’ll see something different next month.

The question for this month is to tell the story of one of my projects. The mandala is at the framer’s right now and should be ready for pick-up next week. I’ll tell the story of that project when I post the photo of it framed.


5 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – September

  1. Great progress on Batman….I like this iconic Batman pose, as a man of action! The elephants are wonderful…I love elephants (and am so proud of our local zoo which leads the movement to reform how other zoos manage these great gentle beasts). The elephants remind me of one of your previous elephant/Africa cross stitch projects. Looking forward to seeing the framed mandala….it will be glorious.

  2. I love your elephants! They remind me of a landscape that I cross-stitched several years ago before my DMIL passed that had three elephants in the foreground. It was stitched in remembrance of my DFIL and DMIL’s time in Africa as missionaries when my husband was a little boy. It still hangs in DFIL’s house today.

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