Antique Locomotive Framed

With my Christmas stitching almost done, it’s time to decide what to do for the rest of the year. Yes, I have tons of projects that I’d like to work on and get some finished, but finishing is on my mind.

Over the next month or so, I’ll be finishing the 5 stockings and 4 ornaments that I stitched this year . But I have a lot of things that need to be framed  as well. I’m hoping to do a lot of that myself. Here is the first one completed

Antique Train Framed

I didn’t want mats for this. He shines so much on his own with all the metallic threads. I found this large, simple black frame half off at Michael’s and laced it up myself. I did have to add one more row of the white background to fill in the frame properly. Now to find just the right place for him.

The mandala is being framed right now, by professionals. Should be ready early next week.


6 responses to “Antique Locomotive Framed

  1. Jan, the simple black frame is perfect for your locomotive. It looks splendid! Where did you go to get the mandala framed? I have tons of finishing to do. I do them all myself, which is probably why they are stacked up in a drawer to be completed!

  2. I always dread finishing stuff, I have a few projects lying around that are missing their final touch as well…you did a great job on this one, both the stiching and the framing look awesome!

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