Persian Iris Mandala – Framed

The question for WIPocalypse this month was to tell the story of one of our pieces. I’ll try to keep this short. I had never done cross stitch until I decided in 2011 to buy a mandala by Chatelaine. I was moving along quite nicely until I fell and had hip trouble – couldn’t get up and down stairs easily.So it got put away for two years.

I read about WIPocalypse and decided to join with the hope of getting this beautiful piece completed. In 2014 I started on the mosques and buildings around the outside and slowly got it all done this year. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me along the way!

And here it is all framed up – 30″ square!! (It’s masterpiece glass so it’s almost impossible to get a good photo without a little flash in it.)

PIG framed


7 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala – Framed

  1. Definitely calls for a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon!! Whoohoo!! Beyond beautiful!! Great framing too!! Have I mentioned that I am so blessed to have had a minuscule part in this work of art!! Yea Jan!!

  2. Gorgeous, Jan. Your farmer did a good job. I’m showing this to Marissa so maybe she’ll think about beginning her mandala soon!

  3. What a great story – not many people would take on something like this for their first cross stitch project, even if they did have a lot of experience with other kinds of needlework. So glad you could finish it in the end!

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