Anatolia Rug – Progress 6?

I’ve been working away on the center section of the rug, trying to get one side of it done so I can turn it around again. Today as I started to work on the smaller center medallion, this is what I saw.

Anatolia center

Why didn’t I see that it wasn’t centered days ago?!?!?! So I didn’t stitch on it today. I hate the thought of having to rip out all those stitches, including some of the black! By Friday I should be over the hating part and will rip it out and start over.

Here is the whole rug so far:

Anatolia 6

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t sell this pattern. The border is perfect. The outline of the keyhole medallion is perfect. BUT, working with cross stitch software, you can’t show where threads share the same hole. So when it’s time to fill in the medallion, you don’t have enough space for the motifs the way they are shown on the chart. I’ve been putting in the motifs and then just filling in the background for most of the areas. It gets more complicated for some parts though. If it’s frustrating for me at times, how can I expect someone else to figure it out? I will complete the design though. It’s so different from what I’ve designed before and I love it. I’ll just have to put up with its idiosyncrasies.

Hope your stitching day is going better than mine. I think I’ll cross stitch this afternoon.


4 responses to “Anatolia Rug – Progress 6?

  1. This rug is stunning. I’m not actually seeing where it’s off. Just looks like more background is filled in on one side.
    As for the pattern, I can’t imagine there’s not a program out there that would show it correctly. At any rate, keep going! This is too lovely for words!

  2. Uh-oh…sorry about you needing a ripping session. I just ripped out a bunch of red floss on linen, then had to go through the area with tape around my fingers pulling up the tufts of red. Unfortunately, some white will go into the areas where I mis-stitched, so I needed to clean up the red really well.

  3. Oh no, ripping really sucks 😦 I hope you’ll get it figures out alright! And look at you, designing patterns too complicated for a computer to understand! Isn’t there some kind of special needlework software that can deal with things like this? I can understand if you don’t WANT do share a pattern as awesome as this, but if you do want, it would be a shame if you couldn’t.

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