Finally, the perfect cat!

Since we returned Gwen to the vet, we’ve been thinking about another cat. (The vet says Gwen has found a new home.) Our 16 year old Daisy has always had a male cat around. With Julius gone, she’s been yowling every night and we hoped another older cat could be found that would get along with her and make her feel comfortable enough to stop yowling.

We went to the local Animal Shelter two weeks ago today with the idea of adopting a 7 year old male we saw online. He was a gorgeous cat and liked us right away, so DH went to talk to the people about what was in his file – why was he given to the Animal Shelter. Seems he hates female cats! That ended that. But I stopped at the desk again and asked if they had any other older male cats that might get along with our little Daisy. Yes – Derek. After spending time with him (he was so laid back and quiet), we came home with Derek.



We finally got around to naming him after about 5 days. He’s such a distinguished, polite gentleman that we named him Sir Charles. We usually just call him Charlie though. He’s so quiet that we have to check on him once in a while to see if he is okay. The only time he meows is when he’s hungry. And it only took 3 days for him to decide DH had a nice lap he could sleep in!  Being the polite gentleman that he is, he puts his paws on the arm of the chair and waits for an invitation to hop up though. After one hour in the house, he decided to take a nap – not in the cat bed he was sitting next to, but in the basket full of cat toys. It’s his favorite place to sleep every day.


Daisy doesn’t mind him being around, even right next to her on the arm of the chair while she sleeps in my lap. When she around the house on her own, she hisses at him. Hopefully, that will change soon. So we are back to a happy household with two cats – one for me and one for DH.


9 responses to “Finally, the perfect cat!

  1. Yea!!! I’m so glad you’ve found a companion cat!! He sounds absolutely perfect!! Daisy is probably just playing “hard to get”. At her age, and having just had a rather bad experience with Gwen, (I’m glad she’s found another home too!) she’s definitely earned a bit of hissy time!! Hip hip for Sir Charles!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you, your hubby and Daisy that you found Charlie! He is a very handsome fellow, and so polite. My cats are also very quiet, unless they are thunder-pawing around the house together, but with three cats in our household, we decided to put collars and name tags on them. They’re indoor cats, but the tags tinkle against the bell and so we know they are approaching.

  3. What a handsome guy! I’m glad you found some new company for Daisy, and that Glen found another loving home too. I hope things will work out with Sir Charles 🙂

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